School Visits


Park Row Synagogue welcomes your school to visit.

Our school visit sessions are aimed at children of 10 years and older.

Visits are scheduled for the second Monday of each month except for June 2016.

There are two booking slots available on each of the available days. The first to commence at 10.30am and the second at 1.30pm.

Visits last approx 90 minutes.

The programme consists of a 30 minute talk in the synagogue itself; giving the outline of Jewish belief and the  functioning of the synagogue. The group will then proceed to the synagogue hall, upstairs, where they will be split into groups to visit five or six tables dealing with various aspects of Jewish life; such as the sabbath, the festivals and Jewish custom. Items relating to Jewish life and practice will be laid out on the tables, each of which will be manned by a member of the community.

We recommend that visiting groups should not exceed 35.

Samples of un-leaven bread, honey cake and fruit juice will usually be available.

We levy a charge of £2.50 per child.

Please contact Alex Schlesinger for further details: Or contact the synagogue using the form below.

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