Cheder 2019

We are embarking on a new vision for the cheder at the Bristol Hebrew Congregation in 2019. This is an introductory flyer to explain what it will incorporate:

  • 11 cheders focussed more on reading and writing Hebrew, and learning about Judaism and the festivals. These are currently open to children up to school year 4.
  • 6 event style cheders linked to the festivals, geared towards fun, community and learning. These will be aimed at children but are open to families and the whole community.

Who is it for?
Members and non-members; affiliated and un-affiliated; knowledgeable and learning; up to school year 4.

When is it?
Sunday mornings 10-12, at Park Row Synagogue unless stipulated by email beforehand (e.g. some of the events may be in the afternoon) 

How much will it cost?

For the (11) monthly cheder, payment is needed in advance to promote continuity and commitment of those involved. Therefore the cheder is only available as a full year block. This cost is heavily subsidised by the synagogue. 

– Members: £70 per child, for the year
– Non-members: £95 per child, for the year
– Children aged 3 and under are welcome to attend a creche with a suggested donation of £3 per session.

The (6) events are free to children of the cheder, and £5 to £10 per event to everyone else, depending on what we have planned.
Details of these will follow as each event approaches.

Other details and common questions:

What will the classes be made up of?

There are 3 groups that will be age specific:
(1) Pre-school and Reception, (2) Year 1 & 2, (3) Year 3 & 4

We want to create a nuturing and safe learning environment, so we ask that parents do not attend the 3 different classes (outlined above). Instead we invite parents to take this time to socialise with other members of the community.

Who will be teaching the children?
We are experienced teachers, who are Jews from the community, all of whom have a knowledge and love of Jewish concepts, and how children learn.

What is the aim of what we’re teaching?
To provide a base knowledge of what the festivals are about, how to read and write Hebrew, and an introduction to common blessings and prayers. Additionally, we will have a child focussed approach to what it feels like to be in the synagogue and to be Jewish in Bristol.

Are people who are not halachically Jewish welcome to attend?
Yes, all are welcome. Additionally, we are an inclusive and respectful community. We aim to be especially understanding and sensitive when discussing abstract concepts such as “what Jews do” and “what it means to be Jewish”.

Are there any provisions for older children?
There are a couple of options and I am investigating, so please email to discuss.