We have a series of Cheder (children’s learning) classes and Shabbat children’s services planned for the coming year, as outlined below.

Cheder classes are 50p for members or £2.50 per child for non-members.  The cost covers all educational and craft materials, and a light lunch.

Thanks to our wonderful, ever-expanding community full of young people, we would like to inform you that our cheder is growing.  To accommodate all of our children we have created a brilliant programme for them for the rest of the year, which we are very excited to share with you all.

Steered by a group of parents who are all educators and creative practitioners experienced in working with young people and in Jewish education (all DBS checked), we would like to introduce the new structure for the cheder, as follows:

Garinim (ages 0-3 years), facilitated by Linsey Clark and Jess Baum
Shtillim (ages 4-7 years), facilitated by Gabrielle Lobb and Shelley Braude
Illanot (ages 8-12 years), facilitated by Ben Nathan and Ruth Yudkin
Alonim (ages 13-16 years), facilitated by Louise Orr and David Stillitz

In addition, we have a bursting library of books and a group of parents who regularly volunteer their time to run wonderful workshops, including puppet-making, ceramics, theatre and dance, music and singing, and cooking.  This is what makes Bristol’s Jewish community so very special.

Each session is themed (see below) and structured around a holistic Jewish experience (prayer and faith, music and song, meditation, story and drama, activities, literacy and Hebrew language, literature and art, history, philosophy, film, activism, charity, Israel, etc…).  This will provide our students with a rich, diverse and immersive experience of Judaism and what it means to be Jewish.  Whatever their age!

Please add the following dates to your diary and we invite you to bring along your little, and not so little ones, so that they may learn from the fantastic teachers within our community.

Sunday 2nd April – Pessach Cheder
Tuesday 11 April – Pessach Story Walk
Sunday 7th May – Lag b’Omer and Israel Cheder
Sunday 11th June – Food Cheder (Blessings and Kashrut)
Sunday 16th July – The Synagogue Cheder
Sunday 6th August – Cheder Summer Picnic
Sunday 17th September – Rosh Hashanah and the Creation Story Cheder
Thursday 21st September – Rosh Hashana Children’s Service
Saturday 30th September – Yom Kippur Children’s Service
Sunday 1st October – Community Sukkah Build!
Thursday 5th October – Sukkot Children’s Service
Sunday 22nd October – Shabbat Cheder
Sunday 12th November – The Jewish Calendar Cheder
Sunday 10th December – Chanuka Cheder
Sunday 17th December – Chanuka party

50p per child for members
£2.50 per child for non-members
Each cheder includes a light snack

Bat and Bar Mitzvah classes can be arranged.  Please contact us to find out more.

We also have a wonderful new Children’s Library and beanbag area, and children can borrow books to take home.