Say Cheese! It’s Shavuot!

How do you celebrate your wedding anniversary?
Jewish tradition believes that we “Say it with Flowers” and Cheese and…

…This Sunday, Jews across the world will celebrate Shavuot, our 3,331st Sinai anniversary by decorating our homes and synagogues with flowers, enjoying dairy foods and hearing the reading of the ten commandments.

Celebrate Shavuot with Chabad Bristol at the Park Row Synagogue.
Sunday, 9 June at 11:15 am.

*Reading of the 10 Commandments
*Dairy Picnic Kiddush complete with cheesecake and icecream!
*Special Children’s service with prizes for all!

*Social learning circle

We look forward to celebrating together with you this Sunday.
With blessings for a happy and meaningful Shavuot,

Rabbi Mendy & Chaya Singer and all of us at Park Row Synagogue.

Shavuot Schedule – Sunday, 9 June @ Park Row Synagogue
*10:00 am – Prayer Services begin
*11:15 am – Reading of the 10 Commandments followed by the Children Service
*12:30 pm – Dairy Picnic Kiddush followed by Social Learning Circle

Shabbat UK

Saturday March 2nd, 2019
10am onwards

We’re excited to offer a day of delicious food, good vibes of Shabbat, and a youthful community!

Bristol is happening this ShabbatUK!

Join us for:

Services beginning @ 10:00 AM

Children’s services and Activities @ 11:30 AM

Kiddush + Lunch @ 12:45.

It’s gonna be lively!

RSVP to is appreciated but non essential.

High Holiday’s 2018

Below you will see a table of all the dates and times for this year’s high holidays. Please feel free to come along to any of our beautiful and inclusive services…there is no need to book. Shana Tova to one and all!


Shavuot 2018

In the Hebrew year 2448, just weeks after leaving Egypt, we all stood together at the foot of Mount Sinai where G-d gave the Torah.

3,330 years later, we are still celebrating!
We re-live the Sinai experience and the Giving Of The Torah by hearing the 10 Commandments being read from the Torah on Shavuot morning and enjoying dairy foods. (Cheesecake is a favourite, although customary not obligatory.)

Rabbi Mendy & Chaya Singer will be hosting a celebration this weekend at the Park Row Synagogue on Shavuot morning for the reading of the 10 Commandments and a Grand Dairy Feast (vegan options too) following the prayer service. On Sunday, 20 May, 11am. We hope you can join us.

As Children are the future and the ones who carry the Torah on to the next generation, they will be included in the celebration with a fun Children’s Service and Ice Cream Party!

Looking forward to celebrating together this Sunday.

Dates over the High Holidays

Wed 20 Sep
Rosh Hashana Eve
18:55 – Candle lighting for 1st day Rosh Hashana
Evening service then Community Dinner (RSVP)


Thurs 21 Sep
Rosh Hashana
09:00 – 1st day Rosh Hashana Morning Service
20:00 – Candle lighting for 2nd Day Rosh Hashana


Fri 22 Sep
Rosh Hashana
09:00 – 2nd day Rosh Hashana Morning Service
18:50 – Candle lighting for Shabbat Shuva


Sat 23 Sep
Shabbat Shuva
10:00 – Shabbat Morning Service
19:56 – Shabbat ends


Sun 24 Sep
Fast of Gedaliah
05:14 – Fast of Gedaliah starts
19:37 – Fast ends


Fri 29 Sep
Yom Kippur
18:34 – Yom Kippur candle lighting & Fast begins
Kol Nidre Evening Service


Sat 30 Sep
Yom Kippur
10:00 – Yom Kippur Morning Service
13:00 – Yizkor (approx)
19:39 – Fast ends


Wed 4 Oct
18:23 – Candle lighting for 1st Day Sukkot


Thurs 5 Oct
10:00 – 1st Day Sukkot Morning Service
19:28 – Candle lighting for 2nd Day Sukkot (after this time)


Fri 6 Oct
10:00 – 2nd Day Sukkot Morning Service
18:19 – Candle lighting for Shabbat Chol Ha’moed


Sat 7 Oct
Shabbat – Sukkot
10:00 – Shabbat Morning Service
19:24 – Shabbat ends


Wed 11 Oct
Shemini Atzeret
18:07 – Candle lighting for Shemini Atzeret


Thurs 12 Oct
Shemini Atzeret
10:00 – Shemini Atzeret Morning Service
12:00 – (approx) – Yizkor
19:00 – Evening Service for Simchat Torah & Hakafot
19:13 – Candle lighting for Simchat Torah (after this time)


Fri 13 Oct
Simchat Torah
10:00 – Simchat Torah Morning Service & Hakafot
18:03 – Candle lighting for Shabbat Bereishit


Sat 14 Oct
10:00 – Shabbat Morning Service
19:09 – Shabbat ends

2017 High Holidays Timetable

Sun 2 Oct 18:27


Candle lighting for 1st day Rosh Hashana

Rosh Hashana evening service

Mon 3 Oct 09:00


1st day Rosh Hashana Morning Service

Candle lighting for 2nd Day Rosh Hashana

Tue 4 Oct 09:00


2nd day Rosh Hashana Morning Service

End of Rosh Hashana

Wed 5 Oct 05:34


Fast of Gedaliah starts

Fast ends

Fri 7 Oct 18:16 Shabbat Shuva – Candle Lighting
Sat 8 Oct 10:00


Morning Service

Shabbat ends

Tue 11 Oct 18:07 Candle lighting for Yom Kippur, Fast begins & Kol Nidre Evening Service
Wed 12 Oct 10:00



Yom Kippur Morning Service

(approx) – Yizkor

Fast ends

Fri 14 Oct 18:00 Candle Lighting
Sat 15 Oct 10:00


Morning Service

Shabbat ends

Sun 16 Oct 17:56 Candle lighting for 1st Day Succot
Mon 17 Oct 10:00


1st Day Succot Morning Service

Candle lighting for 2nd Day Succot (after this time)

Tue 18 Oct 10:00


2nd Day Succot Morning Service

Second Day ends

Fri 21 Oct 17:46 Candle Lighting
Sat 22 Oct 10:00


Morning Service

Shabbat ends

Sun 23 Oct 17:42 Candle lighting for Shemini Atzeret
Mon 24 Oct 10:00




Shemini Atzeret Morning Service

(approx) – Yizkor

Evening Service for Simchat Torah & Hakafot

Candle lighting for Simchat Torah (after this time)

Tue 25 Oct 10:00


Simchat Torah Morning Service & Hakafot

Simchat Torah ends